Deerns operates in the real estate, infrastructure, health care, clean technology, data centre and airport markets. Change is the only constant factor in these markets. As a client, you need something to hold on to. In other words: a partner who can contribute substantive ideas in terms of functionality, affordability and compliance, in both the short-term and the long-term.

Deerns makes this possible through the creation of flexible technical and technological concepts that are adaptable to changing circumstances. Concepts that, time and again, achieve the optimal balance between user needs, legislation and investment and operating costs.

Start with the user

Who else but the user knows what requirements an environment must meet? That is why, at the start of a project, we consult the various stakeholders and take their requirements as a starting point for our designs. We know the users and their work processes in our markets through and through. And we are aware of the standards and requirements of the processes and technical tools that apply to them. Even more so, in many cases we have contributed to the development of these standards and requirements.

We help clients to make the right choice between the user’s requirements, costs and other interests. And we subsequently translate these into an integrated design using the Building Information Model (BIM). These designs are sustainable by definition. All this enables us to create bespoke designs: creative, innovative, and energy and operationally efficient. This provides our clients with sustainable, safe and comfortable environments.

Our services

We are involved from the initial concept stage to the detailed design, construction management, commissioning assistance and follow-up.