Engineering and Design: MEP and Fire Safety

For many decades our core business has been the engineering and design of building services and technical systems in the built environment. Our aim is to create safe, sustainable and comfortable environments for both passengers and staff. Core competencies include mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire safety engineering.

Our extensive knowledge of building physics enables us to cooperate with architects from the very start of a project. Thermal modelling allows optimisation of a building’s shape, orientation and materials at an early stage. This ensures an energy efficient building is designed and prevents costly changes at a later stage.

Large, high spaces and fully-glazed facades are common challenges posed by terminal building designs. These spaces require special attention from our HVAC engineers in order to provide comfort and functionality  in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. We have developed and delivered innovative solutions for terminal buildings of all sizes in various climates. This includes safe supplies of drinking water, as well as sustainable solutions for the treatment and re-use of wastewater and rainwater.

Our electrical engineers are highly skilled at the design of power distribution infrastructure for entire airports, including for instance tri-generation plants producing power, heat and absorption cooling. Inside terminal facilities their expertise includes advanced lighting design and building management systems. It is important that these services are integrated with security arrangements as well as fire alarm and evacuation systems. Our fire safety engineers are capable of developing fire safety plans and fire suppression strategies meeting a variety of international standards.