Health Care

Over the past 90 years, Deerns has been able to establish itself  as a very reliable, expert driven and innovative partner in the design of hospitals and health care facilities. Considering the fact that in the Netherlands Deerns has been involved in the design of approximately 45% of the 120 general hospitals, as well as all 8 University Hospitals, the firm is recognized as the market leader in this country. With the international growth of the Deerns Group, health care has become  an international activity.

Changing care landscape calls for adaptable care property

Care needs are changing. And they are increasing as well. Medical breakthroughs, new methods and technologies of treatment, increasingly critical patients - new developments are myriad. And each time, care institutions have to decide whether and how to anticipate these.

Other challenges requiring adaptations include demographic, socio-economic and ICT developments. Finally, they need to find a balance between a healthy and safe hospital environment on the one hand and sustainable energy consumption on the other. It is often not easy to predict the outcome for hospitals and care institutions. That is why they need to be able to utilise their rooms and properties in a flexible manner. Fortunately, Deerns has a thorough knowledge of these matters and will gladly help you make the right choice.

Adaptable and energy-efficient healing environments

We are familiar with medical technologies as well as the specific needs of care specialists. That is why we can take a load off your mind, allowing you to focus on care for and attention to your patients. As early as possible during the process, we will identify your needs and wishes as client, as well as those of your staff members and your patients.

Thanks to our specialist knowledge, we are able to do so promptly, critically, and constructively. We will advise you about the necessity and financial feasibility of your MEP system requirements regarding the care process, medical equipment and ICT, and will combine these into a single engineering design. A design of which the costs are manageable and which combines a sound main infrastructure with local modular technology. This way, we will create sustainable environments that enable a wide range of care and office functions and will contribute to a sound healing environment.

Our Health Care Services

  • Medical and laboratory equipment
  • Hospital-specific systems (medical gases, pharma filters, pneumatic tube systems, nurse call systems, medical paging systems, etc.)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Logistic studies and management plans
  • Design of systems based on laws & regulations, standards, directives, as well as safety and sustainability in health care
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