Because space is a scarce commodity, infrastructural projects are increasingly realised underground. These locations have to be safe at all times - especially during calamities. That is the idea. Deerns is bringing these locations to life - thanks to reliable and coherent systems.

Increasingly safe underground infrastructure…

We are travelling through road and rail tunnels, via underground railway stations, and park our cars and bicycles in parking garages way below ground level. Like our above-ground installations, we stand for safe - both physically and socially - and comfortable underground environments. Well-lit, well-ventilated, and fire-safe places with safe emergency routes should accidents occur. Technical installations are of vital importance here. And because these are increasingly clever and complex, these systems have to remain operational in all circumstances, especially in case of calamities.

That is why the authorities operate strict safety requirements where underground infrastructure is concerned. At the same time, they - clients of infrastructural projects - demand solutions from the market. They do not want to have to worry about anything. Everything should be clear - from initial concept to design and from exploitation to management. And this requires a lot of responsibility on our part.

... becomes possible thanks to reliable and coherent systems

‘What is the question you really want to be answered?’ By posing the question behind your question, we start looking for the solution to your underground infrastructural problem. That is our vision. And the answer to this question is our starting point. By bundling our expertise in the areas of safety & security, light architecture, and communication networks, we are able to design creative, integral solutions. Reliable installations that communicate with each other and which, especially when things really matter, will come in action, jointly and at the same time. So that people will be able to find their way in case of a calamity thanks to emergency lighting systems .

Any smoke developing will be ventilated out of the place. And access will only be allowed to emergency services. From our experience with major underground infrastructural projects - including international ones, we have found out that there are many possibilities. Such projects are often realised in cooperation with other market parties. We are joining forces with these parties on the basis of our added value: our specialities (see services).

Our Services

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Light architecture
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Transport and logistics
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