Real Estate

Today’s clients are focused on the performance of their building more than ever before. Building services can take up 35% of building costs. Technical installations are an essential condition for the habitability or usability of (high-rise) buildings and are major determining factors for their quality. Deerns’ experience and expertise has resulted in some of the world’s most advanced and sustainable buildings: buildings that will stand the test of time.

We design building systems for a great variety of building types: buildings for Art & Culture, Education, Sport, Commercial Real Estate as well as for Government buildings and Zoos.

Pleasant, adaptable buildings

Today’s buildings should not just be functional. They have to be pleasant to be in as well. Buildings should accommodate multiple functions, including work and leisure. For example: offices combining work and sports (commercial real estate), schools combining learning and dining (education), libraries presenting reading as well as theatre (culture). Such places have to adapt to new functions and users’ requirements.

This way, you - the property developer or owner - will be able to unerringly anticipate market opportunities. This requires flexibility and speed, in order to adjust installation concepts to new functions and users’ requirements. Concepts that provide optimum comfort and sustainable energy systems, irrespective of the function of a room. These aspects will ensure that buildings retain their value. Both today and in the future.

Modular building systems

Creating a place where people feel at home starts with its users. We will chart their needs and interpret these into a design providing a pleasant comfort level while minimising energy consumption. We achieve this within the financial framework provided by the client and in close consultation with other stakeholders, such as architects and developers. This way, we are able to create a flexible, total concept for our client, rather than a collection of individual systems.

One single, adjustable main infrastructure, if desired linked to plug and play installation typologies for each building. And, if required, the installation concept can be integrated in the architecture of the building, so that the system and the building form an aesthetic whole. This will be realised thanks to our collective knowledge, creativity, and over 90 years of experience. We will bring the ideas of clients, users, and other stakeholders in the real-estate market to life.

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