Hermitage aan de Amstel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hermitage Amsterdam holds temporary exhibitions from the rich collection of the parent museum to enhance the current Dutch and Amsterdam cultural offer. In 2004 a small part of Amstelhof Nursing Home was taken into use with great success: 180.000 people visited the museum in that year. In 2008 the Hermitage will use the entire Amstelhof building, to receive some 300.000 visitors annually. The square building will house two major exhibitions, which will be surrounded by cabinets. Furthermore, it will include two auditoriums, a café-restaurant and various shops.

Humidity and temperature control are essential for the conservation of works of art. However, the influence of a variable climate and a large number of visitors seriously affect these aspects. Deerns has developed a concept on the basis of a visitor monitoring system consisting of one fresh air unit, a ring line, and several recirculation air-handling units. The climate control system is based on CO2-production, moisture development and temperature variations in the exhibition halls so that all boundary conditions can be met. Furthermore, an integrated security plan for fire, burglary and access control has been drafted to facilitate the possibilities of the building for its users.