Energy Neutral Office Building LVM 5, Münster - Germany

The new construction consists of a high-rise building with 18 floors in the shape of a tower with slanting fronts and a stepped basic building on both sides with 3 to 5 floors. The new construction combines unique architecture with a sustainable construction and a technically innovative energy design.

The top priorities in the building system are ecology, environmental compatibility as well as sustainability while maintaining a high comfort for the user and individual controllability. The main technical components of the energy design are the use of rainwater, geothermal energy, co-generation of heat and power, a decentralised ventilation system, high efficient heat recovery systems, photovoltaics and the use of daylight as well as office lighting depending on daylight and presence.

Scope of services

Design and consulting services (German HOAI phases 1 - 9)

  • establishing the basics of the project
  • project management and documentation

Building systems

  • sewage, water and gas systems
  • heat-producing systems
  • ventilation systems
  • refrigerating plant
  • high voltage installations
  • telecom and data processing
  • conveyor systems
  • installations with a specific purpose
  • building automation systems

Special features

Trend setting energy system for building certification.

  • dynamic thermal (building) simulation
  • decentralised HVAC unit
  • geothermal energy
  • heat pump
  • utilisation of rainwater
  • CHP (combined heat and power)
  • PCM cooled ceiling / PCM cooling ceiling


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