Maison de l’Ile de France, Paris, France

Located at the International Universitary City of Paris (Students Campus) and financed by the Paris Region (Île de France), the Maison de l’Ile-de-France is a new Students’ Residence building, being a true example of an ambitious sustainable building that implements a global strategy for high energy performance and users’ behavior monitoring.

The architectural concept (by Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés), and the technical and environmental design (by Deerns) were developed in order to achieve the “ZEN efficiency target’’ (Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, Zero nuclear Waste), requested by the client. The design of the building overcomes the site limitations and meets the high energy performance requirements for 2020. 

With its 142 rooms, this Student Residence is located at University Campus of Paris (Cité U), between the Lebanon and Cambodia Residences. is a remarkable building: the architectural design pivots around a solar collector and an inter-seasonal thermal storage concept. A 200m3 water tank is located at the building’s core and heated via a façade-integrated solar collector. Indeed, the Building’s triangular and dense shape, has a large façade allowing to collect solar energy, with its solar and photovoltaic panels. This system supplies the building with heating for the rooms (via low temperature radiators) as well as with domestic hot water. A 700m² photovoltaic array allows to provide the electricity demand required to achieve the Zero Energy consumption target. Additional heating demand can be provided by an urban heating network (CPCU) and any excess of heat during the summer will be exceptionally fed back to the network.

In this project, Deerns performed a complete mission of building engineering services (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and defined the global sustainability strategy of the building: energy efficiency and dynamic thermal simulations, visual comfort environmental impact of materials, water management, users’ behaviour, etc. Along with all the energy efficiency strategy Deerns designed a 200m3 water tank, located at the core of the building and heated with solar thermal collectors . Photovoltaic panels complete the 100% solar energy strategy allowing to fully achieve the client’s ambitious environmental target: a Positive Energy Building, including heating, cooling, domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting, equipments and household appliances use. Also under Deerns’ coordination, this project was a winner of the PREBAT Competition, recognizing the innovation and high performance of the building.


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