Newtime Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris - France

After renovation and extension, this building with a total area of 19.000 m², will host offices and a restaurant (RIE), in the privileged location of Ile de la Jatte, at Neuilly sur Seine (92). This ambitious renovation, led by the architectural firms KCAP (Rotterdam - Zurich) and Ateliers 115, aimed at creating a sustainable building with high performance and very low energy consumption. The virtuous and innovative character of the building was recognized by the awarding the environmental certifications HQE, BREEAM Excellent and BBC Renovation. The major innovation of this project consists in the use of water of the Seine river for heating and cooling the building.  

Since the Client aimed for an engagement with his tenants regarding a very low energy consumption for the building, the renovation sought the most efficient technical solutions and facilities in order to achieve the highest performance goals.

The Building’s production of heat and cold is obtained through Water cooled units with 6 pipes, for simultaneous and independent production of hot and cold water, operating with the use of water from the Seine river.

The low height between slabs (2,7m) in the office floors , lead Deerns to find high performing and space saving HVAC technical solutions. The solution adopted is a set of hybrid ceiling panels acting as radiant surfaces but allowing to discharge the heat accumulated in the concrete thermal mass surfaces, and to bring the required fresh air rates. The Building is certified with BREEAM Excellent and HQE, and labeled with BBC renovation.

For this project, Deerns conducted a full mission Mechanical, Electrical (high and low voltage electricity) and Plumbing technical studies, assuming also the Fire and Safety Systems coordination.

Deerns was also the instigator and coordinator of the “Titre V” validation process (procedure for recognition, by the French Ministry, of the innovative character of the solutions designed),  allowing to consider the performance contribution of the 6-tube reversible heat pump, in the Thermal regulation calculation process. Deerns also led the application and participation of Newtime Project for the PREBAT Award, becoming a winner (« lauréat”) of this French Competition that recognizes the innovative features of the building and high energy performance solutions implemented.

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