Oval Tower, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Since 2001, the Oval Tower stands tall in the South East of Amsterdam. When its previous tenant did not extend the lease of the building, DTZ Zadelhoff in collaboration with the German owner Deka Immobilien decided to refurbish the entire structure to increase its market value and swiftly find new tenants. But how could they make this building extra attractive? The answer was quite simple: sustainability. DTZ Zadelhoff managed the development, Deerns, as one of The Netherlands’ experts in sustainability, was approached to assist. Our joint efforts succeeded: the building was awarded a LEED certification and the next tenants signed the lease.


Before the renovation, the Oval Tower had an ‘A’ energy label. The combined efforts of the project team resulted in an A+++ label and an overall energy reduction of 40%. Methods used to achieve this were for instance a thermal ground storage system, storing excess heat in summer to be used in winter and vice versa, in combination with Energy Efficient Panels (EEP) in the offices, filled with piping for heated or cooled water.

Given the oval shape of the building, the panels had to be custom made in trapezium shape. Apart from the climate installation, much of the electricity infrastructure and the data network were also thoroughly renewed. Top reliability was of course required, the Deutsche Bank being the new tenant of a big part of the building. The design for the new Oval Tower received a LEED Gold certification.

After realization we were also awarded LEED Gold, a premiere in The Netherlands for the renovation of an existing building. 

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