Reehorst, Triodos Bank Headquarters, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Our designs contribute to a vital transition in the building industry based on the principles of a Circular Economy and Resource-Efficiency. This calls for a broad approach that considers circularity in terms of the building life-cycle. It requires a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach from the earliest building stages to achieve high performance. A circular economy strategy implies design for performance, design for disassembly, sobriety - “less is more” - and energy storage. This necessitates looking for energy synergies in smart networks of buildings, sustainable energy sources, and buffering resources.

Unique features:

  • Zero-energy strategy with an underground heat/cold storage, heat pump and 3.300 m2 solar panels.
  • 100% circular office building, designed with a complete wooden structure which can be fully disassembled for reuse at end of asset life.
  • Biomimicry design with the building’s shape adapted to birds’ and bats’ flying routes.

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