Smart Park (Le Doublon) Courbevoie, Paris, France

We design connected and communicative assets, for flexible user experience and improved resource management. To answer to the development of building users’ expectations of the future, buildings - be it existing or new ones - will become a digital service platform. This means they will become connected and smart. We are increasingly requested to advise about the impact of ‘smart’ on sustainable building goals, allying technology with technical expertise. People at work want to be able to work anywhere, with anyone and at any time. This change in functionality and flexibility of workplaces calls for a new design of the different spaces and infrastructures within a building.

Unique features:

  • ‘Office of Tomorrow’ through interactive services such as geo-localisation and control of technical installations.
  • One of France’s first renovated Smart Buildings with an infrastructure of sensors allowing for the optimisation of building maintenance through real-time data.

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