The Edge, Head Office Deloitte-AKD, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Building the most sustainable office building in the world. That was the idea OVG Real Estate, Deloitte and AKD had in mind before they started to build The Edge: the new offices of Deloitte and AKD on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Thanks to innovative sustainable technologies, Deerns helped to turn this idea into reality.

The most sustainable office building in the world ...

From the very start, the objective of OVG (the Netherlands’ largest developer of commercial property), Deloitte (international accountancy firm), and AKD (solicitors and notaries) was to realise the highest possible BREEAM certification. BREEAM is the most commonly used assessment method for determining the sustainability performance of buildings. Initially, The Edge was to be given at least ‘BREEAM Excellent’. However, this ambition was driven up further when it became apparent that the highest possible score ‘BREEAM Outstanding’ was within reach. And with it, the bar was placed higher than for any other BREEAM-certified office building in the world. Based on earlier successful projects, developer OVG Real Estate called in Deerns to help realise this objective where the MEP systems were concerned.

… brought to life thanks to cutting-edge engineering

Deerns played an important part in the granting of the BREEAM certification. A BREEAM ranking is determined on the basis of credits obtained in certain areas, such as energy (CO2 emission and thermal comfort), health (noise, light), and waste. “70 percent of the credits involve MEP systems”, Eugène Toussaint, Senior Project Manager with Deerns, explained. “We have continually looked at the credits to find out how we could raise the scores regarding MEP design. And we consequently raised the bar and challenged the market.”

… for example by installing an innovative lighting system …

The innovative lighting system of The Edge is a fine example of this. The building has been partially furnished with the latest generation of LED lighting from Philips, called: ‘Ethernet-powered LED-connected lighting’. This lighting system makes use of motion sensors – which will detect the presence of people – and coded light, a technology allowing users to adjust the light intensity to their requirements using their smartphone or tablet. This way, energy for lighting and heating/cooling is saved. And not only did Deerns help to turn this technology into a working concept, they also added an extra functionality. On the advice of Deerns, the data concerning presence and absence are sent to the climate system as well, so that no heating or cooling will take place if there isn’t anybody present. Thereby saving extra energy.

… resulting in a unique office building

And the innovative lighting plan is only a part of the overall MEP design concept developed by Deerns for The Edge. Besides the design, Deerns also took care of the tendering and contracting procedure, as well as the management during construction, supervision of the works, the testing of systems, and the follow-up. The Edge was delivered at the end of 2014. The building received the BREEAM Outstanding certificate with a score of 98.36%. And with it, The Edge has become the most sustainable BREEAM-certified office building in the world.

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