Ministries of Security & Justice and Interior & Kingdom Relations

This project concerned the construction of two 140 m high office towers, now housing the Ministries of Security and Justice and Interior and Kingdom Relations. The offices are located on the floors above the plinth whilst the floors within the plinth include spaces for shared functions such as conference rooms, a restaurant, sporting facilities, a library and an auditorium. 

A two-storey parking garage is located underneath the building. While working on this project, we had to pay special attention to the fact that the size of the building site, located in the very city centre of The Hague, was extremely limited.

Special features

As one of the first buildings of this scale heating and cooling is provided by using concrete core regulation for the entire building except for the floors within the plinth. The climate control system in the floors within the plinth is geared to the specific functions in that area. Heating and cooling generation are achieved by long term energy storage with heat pumps and district heating. Taking into account the height of the towers, we installed a sprinkler system throughout. Transport is arranged by means of three lifts for the floors within the plinth, and an additional five lifts in each tower to serve all floors above the plinth and up to the 22nd floor. Four more lifts serve the 23rd to 37th floors.

Since the towers have extremely strict security requirements, we installed a system for state-of-the-art
access control. A special feature within the building is the possibility to open the windows, even at a height of 140m. This is achieved by installing a so called ‘kastenfenster’, which reduces the wind pressure. Sun blinds are also integrated in this ‘kastenfender’. Deerns was responsible for the design of all types of installations in the building, including the fit-out installations. During the construction phase several floors were re-designed because of new functions with new demands. This re-design process was done by using BIM-Revit.

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