Asset Management

Increasingly, our clients need to focus on their core activities. From hospitals wanting to create a healing environment for their patients, to help them get well sooner, to data centres requiring secure storage capacity. As sustainable MEP systems are becoming more and more complex, the owners of buildings are increasingly contracting out the maintenance regarding these systems to an external party.

One of the reasons being that well-educated, experienced maintenance technicians are hard to find. Deerns will be able to take a load off your mind where MEP systems are concerned. This way, you will be able to concentrate on your primary processes. That is the idea behind Asset Management. 

Performance-based maintenance

As an owner or tenant of a building, you want to be able to completely rely on the availability of your MEP systems. At the lowest possible costs at that. One way to realise this is to enter into a traditional effort-based contract with the engineer. In that case, preventive maintenance to your systems will take place at times agreed upon. In addition, the engineer may be called in to remedy malfunctions in the systems. However, there is another way: performance-based maintenance.

In case of performance-based maintenance, your needs and wishes are focussed on. You are the one determining upon the reliability of your MEP systems and the budget you are willing to invest in it. Based on your needs and wishes, and the available budget, we will advise you about improving the technical and energetic performance of your systems and their cost-effective maintenance. If desired, we will help you enter into a satisfactory contract with the engineer, and monitor compliance with the agreements entered into.