Energy Performance Contract

An Energy Performance Contract with Deerns is entered into for a fixed term. At the beginning of the contract period, energy-saving measures are taken. These are financed on the basis of calculated and guaranteed savings on energy costs.

All necessary management and maintenance actions during the term of the contract will be carried out. An Energy Performance Contract will be tailored to your needs. Each contract is customised according to your specific needs and wishes and the situation concerned.

Why enter into an Energy Performance Contract?

An Energy Performance Contract is a long-term one. That is why you need a reliable contract partner. Deerns has all necessary knowledge of the clients’ primary processes. And we have a leading position where knowledge of engineering is concerned. Moreover, we are independent. Finally, we will come up with an engineer to match each contract.
Your benefits:

  • Maximum payback period thanks to guaranteed energy savings
  • Management and maintenance are included in the contract, and will be professionally dealt  with
  • Financing of the investment, including off-balance, is looked after
  • Provision is released after termination of the contract
  • No need to deploy your own people
  • Because critical performance indicators (CPIs) are determined upon in consultation, our interests will match your own