Light & Architecture

Lighting and architecture are inextricably linked. A good lighting design will support and/or highlight an architectonic structure. In addition, it will raise the livability of the design at night and improve orientation. Making use of all possibilities and stimulating the creative design process, in which the engineering design is firmly embedded, will only be possible if the architect and the lighting designer closely collaborate.

Close collaboration

To obtain an optimum lighting design, this should be placed on the agenda from the very early stages. As an independent consultancy firm, we endeavour to create an optimum lighting design that matches the architecture of a building and meets all technical conditions and preconditions. The first things decided upon during the creative design process are the desired light images and light atmospheres. This is done in consultation with the architect and the client. Next, the fixtures to create these are chosen. Our lighting designers make use of all commercially available fixtures and components. Other possibilities include supervision and the application of customised fixtures. This approach will guarantee the best price-quality ratio for our client.