Light management

Light-management systems, which are, in fact, advanced light switching and regulation systems, make use of digital communication between lighting fixtures and operating units. Reliable communication becomes possible and groups of fixtures may be individually addressed. This way, many new possibilities for light management and energy saving are created.

In addition, the flexibility of lighting systems is increased tremendously, allowing the system to be seamlessly adapted to new civil-engineering situations.

  • The use of light-management systems based on DALI, DSI, EIB/KNX and LON will ensure that various light scenarios are easy to programme. We continually keep ourselves up to date on new, innovative systems on the market. That is why Deerns will always be able to advise you about state-of-the-art technologies.
  • We have specialised knowledge of these, as well as their integration with other MEP systems, including HVAC, security installations, BMS, and sun protection.
  • The use of these systems will lead to increased flexibility, ergonomics, and workplace-oriented lighting. There are many energy-saving possibilities using light-management systems, including:
    • intelligent timing, daylight-dependent control,
    • job-oriented lighting,
    • presence detection,
    • personal operation by the user,
    • and limitation of peak capacity.

Each of these measures may individually result in savings between 10 and 30%. When combining these strategies, savings up to 60-70% may be achieved.