Communication Networks

In today’s society, we are becoming more and more dependent on communication networks. Whether these concern networks that allow a building to function properly, or networks required for our work or to communicate with each other. Smoothly operating networks are a precondition for success and continuity.

More and more insulation

Any client today requires a sustainable building. And a sustainable building often means a well-insulated one. However, a well-insulated building will interfere with, for example, mobile telephony. And that is quite a challenge, because the use of mobile data and video communication within mobile networks are still very much on the rise. Mobile data traffic will continue to expand in the future, thanks to the use of smartphones, tablets and other devices. In addition, fixed internet connections are increasingly being replaced by mobile ones. This combination of developments demands advanced solutions.

Deerns’ experts will help you find these. Because they focus on the business processes and are thoroughly familiar with the required technology. A sound solution starts with a careful inventory of needs. This is to avoid unnecessary features, or add extra ones, for example with an eye on future developments - which are increasingly difficult to predict. Based on this information, we will get down to the design, all the time keeping the interests of all stakeholders - the client, IT and Facility Management - in mind.

Security of data has top priority

The increasing data traffic requires safe networks. After all, you do not want your data to be available to third parties. In our recommendations, security of data will be given top priority, so that you can be assured of the continuation of your business processes.