Mobile coverage, indoors

In today’s society, people want to be able to use their smartphones at any time and in any place. Increasingly, organisations are providing their staff members with a mobile phone for professional use, rather than a fixed-line telephone. 

However, this has made us rather dependent on the providers’ mobile telephone networks. After all, what could be more annoying than poor contactability as a result of poor coverage? Especially if there is no alternative to the making of phone calls. Good mobile coverage indoors is essential. At the same time, it is complicated by the fact that buildings are becoming more sustainable - i.e. better insulated - and because networks use higher frequencies. Deerns’ specialists will advise you about optimum indoor coverage.

If the property has a public function - as is the case with schools, parking garages, and care institutions, for example - the location may be designated as a Special Coverage Location (SCL) for the C2000 network. This is an indoor coverage solution for the communication of emergency services, such as the police, the fire brigade, and ambulance services. As a building owner, you are obliged to realise and finance such coverage. Our specialists have the knowledge required to advise you about cost-effective coverage that will ensure that emergency services can communicate with each other at all times.