Network infrastructures and architecture

The ‘invisible’ infrastructures that ensure the use of mobile devices anywhere, are often taken for granted. But they aren’t all that matter-of-course, really. 

Intelligent building networks

Buildings are becoming more and more ‘intelligent’ because systems are able to integrally communicate with each other via IT networks. Mobile equipment applied by users increasingly doubles as a remote control for the operation of lighting, climate, etc. This requires a high-quality, reliable and safe building-based network that functions as the backbone of the corporate network (of the user/tenant) and building-based systems, such as the building management system and security systems.

Network security

Connecting different systems via IT networks however is not without risk. Security of these networks has top priority, because insufficient security will imperil the availability of systems and, as a result, the availability of workplaces and production environments - in short: the primary process of businesses.

Together with you, our specialists will draw up a risk profile, in order to determine upon the appropriate network topology and security measures. Subsequently, we will supervise the whole process of implementing the recommended measures.