Energy Modelling

At Deerns we have developed our own, proprietary energy modeling tool, which our engineers use to provide in-depth, accurate analysis and evaluation of designs for new systems and also to evaluate the performance of existing systems. The results of the modelling are used to assist our engineers in developing the most efficient engineering solutions.

Using our energy modelling tool, we analyse the effect of each component within a system, and the configuration and sequencing options of individual components and the system as a whole. (Eg, cooling system: componentsThis in-depth analysis assists our engineers in determining the most efficient system configuration, operating sequences and set-points.

Using our energy modelling capabilities and methods, we can carry out an energy audit of your buildings and systems to investigate options and to propose the most effective measures, considering ROI analysis (return on investment) and practicality of implementation of any recommended energy-reduction measures.

This energy modelling capability has been extensively used and proven, achieving significant energy and cost savings for clients, often with minimal or zero capital investment.