Integrated BIM & 3D Building Scan: DIScover

Through the conversion of laser scans into a Building Information Model (BIM), Deerns collects and documents valuable information in a consistent building database that serves as an accurate basis for engineering, design, and construction. Connecting this data to your Facility Management operations eliminates operational risks and accelerates the building process.

DIScover is a 4-phased approach that allows facility managers and building owners to gain full control over their building services systems in an extremely timely, effective and accurate manner. The approach allows for gradual implementation and for tailoring for specific client needs to increase the value of an asset throughout the entire process.

Phase 1: 3D laser scanning for an accurate building inventor

Deerns can rely on a small camera that produces accurate 3D laser scans of the building that will be renovated or that has just been built. The 3D laser scan makes it possible to capture and show the current state of the building rapidly.

Phase 2: A 3D virtual model of the building and its component

Deerns uses the registered location of each scan (position) to generate a “point cloud” that is the base for placing virtual objects in a model representing the building in 3D with all of the observed and converted components.

Phase 3: Get your Building Information Model

Deerns can allocate smart data to the 3D virtual objects in order to produce a complete Building Information Model (BIM), linking all kinds of information to its components and systems. Equipment lists, drawings, cost details, component data sheets, maintenance schedules, environmental certification information and more, can now be connected to the building database.

Phase 4: Prepare for your future Operation and Maintenance

Imagine having hypervision of all your building’s performance, characteristics, in-use data, maintenance schedules, etc. Imagine being able to monitor everything from a single desktop and managing the building’s life cycle performance. Deerns can set up your BIM compatible with Facility Management data, allowing you to gain full control again with a correct, complete and interoperable database.

DIScover added value

Our consistent, highly informative database not only facilitates a transparent new-build or renovation process of an asset, it also provides an interoperable future proof solution to our clients. Experience how the (re)design, development and management of a building simplifies with ‘DIScovered’ Building Information Model and prepare yourself and your asset for the future.
Business value

  • Minimised risk: Improved core business activities by reducing coordination discrepancies between multiple stakeholders, failure costs and re-design procedures based on a reliable, informative database.
  • Time saving: An accurate building inventory about its current state, faster than ever before. It provides real insight into the severity of works needed.
  • OPEX benefit: Reduced complexity with increased functionality to easily evaluate asset performance and clear advice on optimisation to benefit Operational Expenditure.
  • Portfolio applicability: The opportunity to assess any type of area or building, depending on what your business needs, due to the repetitive nature of DIScover’s functionality.

Technical value

  • Project consistency: The possibility to obtain consistent project deliverables, connecting different data sources and information types by connecting technology, BIM and engineering services.
  • Information accuracy: Highly reliable information with a flexible output to comply with regulations and business demands, based on interoperable and up-to-date data integrated with compatible techniques and parameters. 
  • Increased performance: All building design and performance information documented in a uniform database, with easy to update design documents, confirmed design viability with clash reports and efficiency improvements.Functional value

Functional value

  • High transparency: Efficient support, allowing you to transparently check and communicate all design changes and their impact.
  • Effective coordination: Evaluation of the construction, operation and maintenance planning in a safe virtual environment, by gathering all data (designs, schedules, occupancy rates) for improved interaction between all involved parties with better information management and tracking. 
  • Facilitated communication: A simplified and efficient communication platform between different stakeholders.
  • Operational excellence: Decision making processes based on a coordinated design to ensure operational excellence and remarkable quality. Deerns’ phased implementation allows for tailoring to specific client needs whilst maintaining the opportunity of enrichment at a later stage.

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