Safety and Security

Globalisation and the increasing urbanisation in many parts of the world are affecting our sense of security. Or rather: our sense of insecurity. Media are reporting about unsafe situations and threats, resulting in an increasing demand for the comfort of a safe built-up environment.

Matching safety & security measures to the actual risks

Thing is to create this much-needed feeling of security, while matching the actual risks, in such a way that we feel at ease within our own built-up environment. Using advanced technologies, Deerns will create clever ways to realise the right amount of safety and security.

Almost on a daily basis, internet and other media are informing us about threats of international terrorism and financial insecurity. In addition, newspaper headings are confronting us with fires, attacks and break-ins afflicting people and companies alike. From each of these reports, as well as from studies, it has become apparent that the risk of such incidents taking place is substantial.
Technologies to curtail these risks, and reduce them to acceptable values, are becoming more and more advanced. However, we have to maintain a level-headed attitude when looking at the risks. At the same time, extensive knowledge of the applicable provisions is required to reduce these to the desired level in a practical and clever way.

Integrated technologies

Technically speaking, there are many options to combat crime and criminality. Camera surveillance, for example, is a widely applied method. The mere presence of cameras will act as a deterrent to many criminals. And if advanced software is used for the analysis of camera images, any deviating behaviour of people present in the vicinity can be promptly identified, allowing immediate action to be taken, should the need arise. Like other security systems, these camera systems are increasingly designed on the basis of IP-based connections. The systems are connected up to especially designed Communication Networks.

Often, the different techniques ensuring safety and security affect the building construction. In fact, they may even clash. In case of a fire, for example, users have to be able to evacuate a building as fast as possible. Nothing should obstruct their efforts to escape. At the same time, the security of a building requires it to be closed off to the outside world, in a controlled manner. Because Deerns has expertise in both security and fire-safety matters, we will always look for an integrated solution. In addition, we will intensively collaborate with experts in Building Physics, to determine whether the security technology might affect the interior climate and comfort of the building in any way.

Matching all aspects involved

When drawing up a security plan, we closely consult with our clients and the users of a building, in order to match the electronic, civil-engineering, and organisational aspects to each other. To arrive at an integral package of security measures, we increasingly use the ‘The Hague Method’. This method describes the risks and the measures to prevent incidents in such a way as to avoid any unacceptable consequences for the organisation concerned. Deerns has developed safety and security concepts for a wide range of clients, including data centres, care institutions, office buildings, cleanrooms, laboratories, industrial estates, and museums. In each case, a sound management and maintenance plan will ensure proper functioning of the safety and security system after it has been commissioned. One of the aspects that falls within the scope of our consultancy work is Asset Management. In short, Deerns will protect you from A to Z.