Fire safety

In national and international laws and regulations, requirements for buildings regarding fire safety have been laid down. However, it is much more important to approach fire safety from the point of view of the core process of a firm or organisation. This way, our fire safety advice is turned into a customised solution.

Business process as starting point

The 24-hour economy makes high demands of firms and public organisations. The costs involved in a stagnation of the core activity or, worse still, in case of a complete stop of all activities, may be huge. As a result, organisations are increasingly basing their fire safety solutions on the continuity of their business processes, rather than merely on laws and regulations. In addition, more and more organisations are including the risk of image damage in case of a fire when deciding upon the measures to be taken. Take, for example, the release of hazardous substances in case of a fire in a petrochemical plant, or the social inconveniences involved in a hospital not being able to provide the required care. Society is no longer willing to take such matters into its stride.

With many of its clients, Deerns has a long-standing relationship. As a result, our fire safety consultants have gained good insight into a great variety of business processes over the years. Drawing up a fire safety plan requires custom work each time. Based on your specific business process, we will take all civil-engineering, system-engineering, and organisational aspects concerning fire safety into account. We will carefully examine all risks and for each of these we will decide which risk-reducing measures are required to achieve the safety level you desire.

Deerns has all necessary knowledge of building physics and installation technology to be able to arrive at a sound, independent, and all-inclusive advice. We have been involved in a myriad of assignments in various markets, including utility buildings, data centres, the care sector, and airports. As a result, we will often come up with creative yet proven solutions.

The right level of safety at the right costs

When developing the fire safety advice, we do not only take the initial investment costs into account, but also the - possibly even more important - life-cycle costs regarding your fire safety systems and their maintenance costs. Thanks to our integral approach, you can rely on the fire safety of your building as well as the price you have to pay for it - today, tomorrow, and beyond.


  • Drawing up an Integrated Fire Safety Plan (IPB)
  • Performance of various simulations and calculations, including:
    • Evacuation flows
    • Fire development
    • Flashover
  • Drawing up a Programme of Requirements / Documents containing the principles of various fire safety systems
  • Performance of fire safety inspections 
  • Management and Maintenance