Elevators or lift installations

Elevators or lift installations are a vital part of the logistic processes in a building. Whether residential building, non-residential buildings, hospitals, or transport hubs are concerned - lifts are essential. The independent product knowledge of Deerns’ specialists allows them to help you achieve the best solution in any situation.

New build

Where new build is concerned, we can advise you about design, capacity calculations, and tendering. An important point of attention when designing a building is the required transport capacity. We have advanced simulation software to perform an analysis of the logistics. Based upon the results, we will be able to determine the following essential elements:

  • the required lift capacity
  • the average and maximum waiting and travelling times for the users.

When these elements are clear, the optimum situation may be realised in practice. Naturally, we will incorporate our thorough knowledge of international laws and regulations in our designs. High-rise buildings and evacuation using lifts are among our specialities.

Existing buildings

If you are involved in existing building developments, we will be able to help you as well. Based on objective inspection and reporting methods, Deerns’ specialists will offer you sound advice regarding the existing lift installations. This way, you will be given good and independent insight into the technical condition of the lift installations. Also, you will be able to keep operating costs - including energy consumption, maintenance and management - controllable and plannable.

In addition, Deerns’ specialists are continually searching for new and traditional areas in which to realise energy savings where lift installations are concerned. By weighing up investments and life prolonging actions for the lift installations, while taking into account the planned remaining operating lifetime of the building as a whole, we will advise whether renovation, partial renovation or complete replacement would be the best option.