Escalators and Moving Walkways

Deerns will give advice concerning new-build projects and renovation of existing systems. From an escalator in a shopping centre to the design of an entire transport hub, such as airport terminals or public-transport hubs.

Deerns’ particular challenge consists of the optimisation of passenger flows.
Important aspects in our design recommendations include:

  • The logistic flows
  • Installation and type of escalators
  • Moving walkways and/or ramps
  • The civil-engineering environment.
Other services we provide include: assessments of the technical condition, and the drawing up of maintenance and renovation plans for the remaining life span of the systems concerned.

An escalator or ramp is a diagonal transport system with steps or pallets that move up or down. A moving walkway, on the other hand, is a horizontal system, often made up of pallets, which is especially suitable in situations where longer walking distances need to be covered, like in airports or above-ground or underground railway stations. Because of their intensive use, and the required safety and reliability as a result, strict requirements are made of these systems. An advantage of escalators as opposed to lifts, for example, is the greater transport capacity and the absence of waiting times.