Façade Technology

Periodic maintenance to façades is important, both to prolong the life span of a building and to avoid consequential damage to it. In addition, periodic façade maintenance contributes to the continued attractiveness of a building. However, façade maintenance is to take place safely, by using reliable equipment, so as not to provide any risk to the users and owners of the building.

Façade maintenance in case of new build

Façade maintenance systems have to meet all appropriate rules and regulations. It is important, therefore, to think carefully about integral and responsible façade maintenance.
Deerns has ample experience in designing equipment for façade maintenance. Each design takes the following into account:

  • Rules & regulations
  • Commercial availability
  • Safety for users of the installations
  • Protection of the environment
  • Long-term costs
  • Risk control for the owner of the building.

Façade maintenance for existing buildings

Systems for façade maintenance are to be reliable and should not involve any unexpected costs for repair, etc. Good insight into the technical condition of the systems concerned is essential to keep costs plannable - and, thereby, controllable. Deerns will help by making an objective inventory of the installations and recording the findings in an inspection report.

To gain insight in the long-term investments, a budget covering a number of years may be drawn up. Deerns’ specialists have been certified to carry out such inventory studies using the objective inspection and reporting method according to NEN 2767 (condition assessment for buildings and installations).

After the inventory, a customised plan of approach will be made in consultation. This should ensure financial and technical optimisation. Wherever possible, the plan of approach will include a list of options for reducing often unnecessary future investments. In addition, the work Deerns is required to carry out may be laid out in a work description or specifications. Subsequently, the work will be supervised until it has been completed to satisfaction.