Inspections and management

The inspection method can be tailored to your needs and wishes. It may, for instance, be an extensive inspection, whereby the whole installation is examined, or a focussed inspection after a specific problem, for example as a result of malfunctions or a rejected installation. In addition, we will always assess the quality of the performed maintenance actions.

Our staff members have been certified for safe working around lift installations. In fact, we have staff members who have been specifically certified to carry out inspections regarding condition measurements according to the reliable international and independent standards. In most cases, an inspection will promptly be followed by a report, which may be a standard one or a customised version that was specifically drawn up according to the client’s wishes.

If you desire, we will use our conclusions and recommendations and turn them into a work description or specifications, followed by a tendering procedure. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the market, we will help you select the most suitable parties for the work to be done. If you like, we may supervise the work, including delivery and aftercare, to make sure that any remaining issues are tackled as well.

Management of transport installations

Besides carrying out inspections of transport installations, we may also look after the complete management of your lifts, escalators, and façade maintenance systems. Predetermined budgets are managed for maintenance and life-extending actions regarding the transport installations.

Transport installations are specialist systems that may have a considerable impact on your business operations if they do not function properly. Reliability and safety for the users of the installations, as well as government rules and regulations, are factors that require investments to be made at the right moment. This will avoid higher costs in the future and prolong the lifetime of the installations, if desired.

An independent consultant from the Deerns Expertise Group Transport & Logistics can help you determine the priorities. Thanks to our knowledge of the engineering aspects as well as the different market parties, we are able to approach the right parties and avoid or limit high, often unnecessary, costs.