Logistic studies and simulations

To determine the optimum position and capacity of your transport systems, such as lifts, escalators, automated guided vehicles, and pneumatic tube systems, in-depth studies of logistics are required. In addition to high-quality knowledge in these areas, Deerns has extensive experience as well as the required engineering background to be able to study transport concepts in a quantitative sense.

Especially where complex buildings, such as hospitals, airports, and high-rise buildings with multiple functions are concerned, a correct interpretation of traffic patterns and other processes is crucial for an optimum functioning of the building. Traffic density, the type of use, and walking flows may be estimated by experience; however, sometimes a real traffic measurement is required. At other times, the necessary information may be gathered from interviews. Questions that may be asked include: Who are the users of the building? When is the building used? How is the building used? For what is the building used? May transports be combined or should they be separated? What are acceptable waiting times?

Deerns makes use of commercial as well as in-house developed simulation programmes regarding logistics. These include:

  • lift simulation
  • AGV simulation
  • pneumatic tube simulation
  • walking flow simulation

The consequences of logistic choices are studied and quantified and the figures of various scenarios compared. This way, we will always come up with bespoke advice and designs that are tailored to your needs.