Passenger boarding bridges

Aviation industry

Passenger boarding bridges are particularly intended to lead passengers to and from the aircraft in a safe and comfortable way. Deerns’ specialists have gained ample knowledge and experience through various projects.

Passenger boarding bridges should offer facilities for connecting up to selected aircraft from different categories. In addition, studies are currently being carried out into alternative solutions in order to increase accessibility by means of passenger boarding bridges. The logistic consequences of the building and/or pier are also taken into account. When deploying a passenger boarding bridge for boarding and deboarding, the objective is to have the bridge match the seat capacity of the aircraft concerned. In that regard, account must be taken of a new generation of bigger aircraft with larger numbers of passengers.

Cruise ships

In addition to airports, passenger boarding bridges are increasingly used for the embarking and disembarking of passengers onto and from cruise ships. In the past, so-called specials used to be designed for cruise ships. Today, passenger boarding bridges are usually based on the standard functions that are also applied in airports. As opposed to aircraft, the door is never in the same place; therefore, the passenger boarding bridge should ‘follow’ the ship in its every movement. The deployment of the number of passenger boarding bridges depends on the maximum capacity of the cruise ship.

During the past decade, Deerns’ specialists have been further developing passenger boarding bridges. Our advice not only involves the design of the passenger boarding bridge itself, but also the general layout of the location: the airport or the harbour area.